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“Tony Grady is that rare leader who combines drive, vision, and results-orientation with personal magnetism and strong people skills. His track record as a commander in the Air Force and as a CEO in the private sector demonstrates his ability to harness the energy and creativity of diverse teams to accomplish goals without fail. Tony’s leadership accomplishments are built on a bedrock foundation of integrity and commitment to ethical principles that I personally witnessed in his Air Force career. I am honored to offer the citizens of Nevada my wholehearted endorsement of Tony Grady as their best choice for Lieutenant Governor; no other candidate comes close!”


-- Mark Graper | Maj Gen (Retired), USAF


“We the people of the state of Nevada need a strong leader to help turn our state around to the greatness it once was. Tony Grady has the strong conservative constitutional leadership experience to do just that for us. I am honored to endorse Tony Grady for Lt. Governor.”


-- Don Gustavson Nevada State Senator (Retired)


“From his Cadet days at the Air Force Academy to his Command of the Air Force's highly select Test Squadron, I directly interfaced with and watched Tony Grady become a leader of leaders! Focused, thoughtful, full of energy, Tony Grady blazed a trail of successes in the Air Force which I had the privilege of witnessing first-hand. Sound character, impeccable integrity are his hallmarks,. Nothing too tough for him to accomplish--simply the best! I am honored to say without a doubt, the wonderful citizens of Nevada have a unique opportunity to choose the best of the best, Tony Grady, as their next Lt Governor!”


--Charlie Coolidge | Lt. Gen (Retired), USAF